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~ About Riverreed And The Brittany ~

Riverreed Kennels were established in the 1980s with our first dog "Tim".  Here at Riverreed we breed for confirmation and for the dog that is more than capable of holding their own in the field or show ring. Many of our pups have gone to field homes where they enjoy a day out with their owners doing what comes naturally, The next day they are also able to "deliver the goods" in the show ring, as you will see from the photos.

Brittanys are eager to please, being affectionate, energetic and intelligent.  Brittanys love people and get along well with other dogs.   They are an all-round dog, whether it's staying at home, out in the field doing a days hunt or strutting their "thing" in the show-ring.  The Brittany has more Dual Champions then any other breed.  They also have the ability to be a wonderful obedience and agility  partners.  No wonder they are called the "versatile" Brittany.

Brittanys come in the colours of orange and white, liver and white, black and white, tricolour and roan of any of these. They are a medium sized dog, being a maximum of 51cm (20 inch) in height and a minimum of 46cm (18 inch). Their coat is fine, flat and slightly wavy. They are easily groomed, after a day out in the field their coat can be brushed to remove the dirt.

Brittany Spaniels
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